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Published on the 08 ottobre 2020

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Galleria  " PAPIER D'ART "   -  Yuri LEVY-KUMATA sent us to:

Parigi - Francia - 30, Rue Pastourelle (near de  CENTRE POMPIDOU )

+33 (0)1 43 48 78 28 /

( Membre du Comitè Professionnel des Galeries d'Art )

NOTES by Marie Noëlle Fontan:

It was a great honor to have her as a guest in Chieri (Turin) among the artists of TRAMANDA in May 2019

Marie-Noëlle Fontan is a French #Toulouse artist, whose works are hosted in museums and international events and who knows Chieri and Tramanda well:

I don't know if I am an artist, but I know that I love to weave and that in this period I am weaving using plants. The plants are made of fibers and combine well with the cotton or linen threads that I also inserted into the weave, I use seeds, roots, small branches, driftwood, pods, leaves's a great joy to create with plants, I experiment every day ... I never know what the result will be, sometimes they are good surprises, sometimes bad (and then I cancel and start again). "