Dudovich " Réclame a Milano "

Author: Gio' Gatto

Name of the artwork Dudovich " Réclame a Milano "

Author Gio' Gatto

Category Numbered graphics > Poster

Year 2000

Certified on the 13 aprile 2019


Titlle:    Dudovich " Reclam a Milano "

Typology:   Poster

Tecnique:  Print  OFFSET

Total size: cm. 68 x 97

Year:  2000 

Note: Poster realized by Gio'Gatto on the occasion of the exhibition held in Milan at the Castello Sforzesco in 2000/1 on the "Raccolta Bertarelli " 12 posters by Marcello Dudovich. Poster with the signature of Gio'Gatto in the plate

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- Certificate "Blockchain" : 2IPUja-92327                                                                 (Certificate Blockchain: https://inarte.it)

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr. 185


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