Author: Mariella Bogliacino

Name of the artwork Ferita

Author Mariella Bogliacino

Category Paintings

Year 1995

Certified on the 01 ottobre 2021


Title:  Volcanoes

Typology:   Painting

Tecnique:  Mixed on canvas 

Dimensions: cm. 80 x 80

Year: 1995

Artist site: https://mariella-bogliacino.info

E.mail: mariella.bogliacino@gmail.com

Exhibitions: Three-year exhibition of visual arts, Palace Borghese, Rome - 2021

Bibliography: Catalogue IV three-year exhibition of visual arts, Rome - 2021. Pag.77 - Pag.266 - Pag.309 - Art and Time by Luciano Carini

See biography section" ARTISTS "  Mariella Bogliacino

- Certificate "Blockchain Waves",  code NFT : t7ZRLU-95118                   (Certificate Blockchain: https://inarte.it)

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr.  434


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