Hommage à Aimé et Marguerite Maeght DLM.250 ( Joan Miro')

Author: Joan Mirò

Name of the artwork Hommage à Aimé et Marguerite Maeght DLM.250 ( Joan Miro')

Author Joan Mirò

Category Lithograph pierre

Year 1981 - 1982

Certified on the 22 aprile 2021




Titolo: Hommage à Aimé et Marguerite Maeght DLM. 250 ( Joan Mirò)

Hommage à Aimé et Marguerite Maeght

Tipologia: Original Stone Lithograph 

Tecnica:  Printed By Arte, Adrien Maeght Paris  - specially made for DLM no. 250

CATEGORIES:  Joan Mirólithograph

Dimensioni: mm 380 x 560

Anno: 1981

Note: unsigned – undated – printed on the back - central fold – perfect condition

This Original Artwork has been inserted in no. 250 of “Derrière le Miroir”, a special number designed and defined by Aimé Maeght in the autumn of 1980.                                                    Aimé had imagined his publication as a party to which all the artists and writers who had been published since 1946 should have been involved. Edited after his disappearance, on September 5, 1981, was considerate a tribute to Aimé Maeght and his wife Marguerite who died four years earlier.    24 artists have decided to make an original graphic work for this issue, including the general table of all numbers and texts of 32 writers.

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