Author: Claudio Cravero

Name of the artwork INTERFERENZE

Author Claudio Cravero

Category Photo (one piece) > Foto Pittura

Year 2012

Certified on the 27 maggio 2021


Title: INTERFERENZE  (interference)

Typology:  PHOTO-PAINTING   " Crayografia"

Tecnique: Mixed  " Painting technique on photographic paper invented by the author more mixes chemicals and powders food "

Total size: cm.106 x 76

Year: 2012

Note: The project presents icòne of photography and art reworked through "crayografia", a technique of painting on photographic paper invented by the author that mixes chemicals and powders food. Experimented for a long time it has become a personal form of artistic expression.
With INTERFERENZE the author has realized a series of images that intervene on the icòne of the photography and the painting
INTERFERENCE always involves the insertion of an element of "disorder" compared to the original to talk about our inability to accept the "different":
in the three Young Farmers of August Sander (1914) dressed up in the German countryside, a black man was inserted;

The girl with the pearl earring (Jan Vermeer, 1665-66) with her face half veiled reveals her "double absence" (Abdelmayek Sayad) as a migrant both in the society of origin and in that in which she resides; the famous portrait of Che Guevara (René Burri, 1963) turns into a blind man.
An experiment that crosses the collective imagination to talk about the differences and labels that we attribute to the "different" in the inability to accept it.
Images that start from a photograph to become momentarily painting and return to be photographic images printed on paper.

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