Lola corre

Author: Anna Comba

Name of the artwork Lola corre

Author Anna Comba

Category Paintings

Year 2002

Certified on the 27 luglio 2021


Title: Lola corre

Typology:   Painting and Collage

Tecnique:  Mixed, Painting and collage on cardboard

Total size: cm. 100 x 70

Year: 2001

Note: ... Anna Comba’s icon was the German actress (of Italian origins ) Franka Potente and from the film " LOLA CORRE " was inspired to paint this work

See biography section" ARTISTS Anna Comba

- Certificate "Blockchain" code:  SjuEbR-94974                          (Certificate Blockchain:

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr. 420

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