Author: anonimicreativi .

Name of the artwork mastroAmì

Author anonimicreativi .

Category Multiple sculptures

Year 2021

Certified on the 23 giugno 2021


Title: mastroAmì

Typology:  Sculpture - Designer - Multiple of 140 copies + 10 p.d.A

Technique: Mixed: Cherry wood, Iron, Magnet, -FINISHED BY HAND-

total size: cm. h.5 x 5 x 35

Year: 2021


"shook hands and vowed to remain good friends for life. "

a "tribute" to Mastro Ciliegia, who gave his friend Geppetto, the piece of wood from which Pinocchio was born and his fantastic story...

in 2021 a simple scrap of wood, cherry wood to be precise, becomes an object of multifunctional design and a special memory...

Collodi - Italy

July 7, 1881/2021 - 140° of the first publication of the Adventures of Pinocchio ( The story of a puppet) in the Children’s Journal.

Pinocchio turns 140, happy birthday Pinocchio

mastroAmì - limited edition 140 copies

paperweight _ rule_magnet clip holder / business cards

an anonimicreativi project for the


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- Certificate "Blockchain" :   I9acZx-94885                                  (Certificate Blockchain:

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr. 1600

- Cryptocard: issued nr.1 Card " Cherry multifunction sculpture ( P.d.a. nr. 000 / 140 )


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