" Nude " cover

Author: Tériade ( Paris - Editeur) Eleftheriades Stratis

Name of the artwork " Nude " cover

Author Tériade ( Paris - Editeur) Eleftheriades Stratis

Category Lithograph pierre

Year 1937

Certified on the 27 ottobre 2020



Front and Back Cover

Original Stone Lithograph

Specially made by Matisse

from  Verve Vol I,  nr. 1

Printed By Mourlot Fréres Paris 1937

Editions de la Revue Verve,

E. Tériade Paris 1937

Misure: Cover - mm. 355 x 540 on canvas

              Frame - mm. 750 x 1050


Source: https://jksgallery.com

Certification Blockchain: https://inarte.it


 See biography section" ARTISTS Matisse  -  Mourlot  -  Teriade


- Certificate "Blockchain" :  rWaz9A-91160

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr. 165

Verve, the most beautiful magazine in the world!.

.. After this collaboration Matisse helps Tériade write the first issue of Verve and designs the cover. "The most beautiful magazine in the world", as Tériade calls it, will be published for the first time in December 1937.

Only Tériade decides the content and addresses the most outspoken artists, writers, poets, photographers.

The collaboration with Matisse is particularly fruitful as it will give the cover of number 1: a nude drawing in China ink inscribed on one of the first cut and glued papers bordered with the calligraphy of the title VERVE.

(from "Tériade et les livres de peintres" text by Dominique Szymusiak)

... It will not be a luxurious magazine like Verve, nor a tombstone like the Cahiers d'art. Picasso told me that certain plates from Verve magazine cost more than the reproduced originals.

(from "Parigi era viva" By Gualtieri di San Lazzaro)


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