Author: Antoine Meurant

Name of the artwork Télétravail

Author Antoine Meurant

Category Drawing

Year 2020

Certified on the 06 gennaio 2022


Title: Télétravail

Typology:  Design

Tecnique:  printing on paper Tintoretto 300g.

Total size: cm. 42 x 29,7   image cm. 37 x 24,5

Year: 2020

E.mail:  a.meurant@gmail.com

Artist site: https://antoine-meurant.ultra-book.com/

Note:  Parisian images

See biography section" ARTISTS Antoine Meurant

- Certificate "Blockchain Waves",  code NFT:  ……..          (Certificate Blockchain: https://inarte.it)

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr. 438


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