Author: Fernando Montà

Name of the artwork Tracce-Luna

Author Fernando Montà

Category Paintings

Year 2010

Certified on the 01 ottobre 2021


Title: Tracks-Moon  (Tracce-luna)

Typology:  Painting on Plexiglass Mirror Board and Foil

Technique: Acrylic on Board

Total size: cm. 47 x 53

Year:  2010


Artist site:

Exhibitions: Essence curated by Angelo Mistrangelo, Irene Montà, Paola Barbarossa, personal exhibition of Fernando Montà, martinArte, Turin - 2012

Bibliography: Essence Catalogue , Fernando Montà, martinArte Torino - 2012 Video by Mariella Bogliacino - 2012

See biography section " ARTISTS ": Fernando Montà

- Certificate "Blockchain Waves",  code NFT : SNivuc-95124                (Certificate Blockchain:

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr. 437

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