"Aïka" Cover

Author: Pablo Picasso

Name of the artwork "Aïka" Cover

Author Pablo Picasso

Category Lithograph pierre

Year 1954

Certified on the 05 ottobre 2020


Original Stone Lithograph

specially made by Picasso

for the Front and Back Cover

of VERVE  Vol. VIII, nr. 29 - 30, 1954

" Suite de 180 Dessins de Picasso "

Vallauris 28-11-1953  au 03-02-1954

Printed by Mourlot Fréres Paris

Editions de la Revue Verve,  E. Teriade. Paris

Dimensions: Cover - cm.  38 x 56,5 on canvas

                    Frame - cm. 75 x 105 


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Certification Blockchain: https://inarte.it


 See biography section" ARTISTS "  Mourlot  -  Teriade


- Certificate "Blockchain" : 3cnCHu-91088

- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr. 167


Aïka Sapone is the daughter of Michele Sapone, Picasso’s tailor. Aïka regularly attended La Californie (Picasso's villa-studio in Cannes),often finding himself playing with Claude and Paloma, the children Picasso had had by Françoise Gilot.

… at the end of the afternoon, when the sun sets over the hills of the coast, Sapone’s red Dauphine reappears on the Californie driveway.

- Was Aïka good? – Michele Sapone question to Picasso

- Very good. Someday I will make a portrait of her …

Aïka’s face is of great interest to Picasso. His marked eyebrows, the oval line of the eyes that connects to the Egyptian nose, the bangs that delimits the forehead like a helmet and that continues in profile in one long ponytail with the hairline always held very high ….

from “Il Sarto di Picasso” by Luca Masia

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